About Us

Where did it all begin?

 About 17 years ago in 2002 the Gibraltar Aeromodelling Club which had the permit to fly at the RAF Gibraltar Runway had their permit to fly revoked due to the 911 incident in the USA, the reasons given to the club at the time was, (Security Reasons) after a few attempts to return back to fly in the runway by the Gibraltar Aeromodelling Club and with no avail seeing that flying was not going to possible and returning flying back to the Runway was a no go, an A G M was called this was held at the John Mackintosh Hall Gibraltar. The at the time committee and the members decided to close the Club as there was clearly no hope in returning to fly at the runway. it was voted at the A G M by the majority of members to close the club, in doing so the decision was made to give all the money that was at the time part of the Gibraltar Aeromodelling Club to charity.
After the last A G M and with the help of other members Mr. Francis L Martinez and Mr. Richard Martinez decide to maintain the Gibraltar Aeromodelling Club going, but again after trying to acquire a facility for a few years and not being able to achieve anything from all our local authorities and not been able to accomplish anything and not having any support from the previous members from the Gibraltar Aeromodelling Club, we lost the enthusiast to continue so we decided to call it quit.
So, as voted and agreed in the previous A G M to close the Club and give all the money to charity, we decided to donate it to Cancer Research as at the time my late uncle Anthony Martinez past away with leukaemia and we thought this was a great idea as they would place money for a great cause.
This all started again due to the fact that the late Mr. John Jaques who was a founder member of the Gibraltar Aeromodelling Club, did not wish for this hobby/sport to be lost in Gibraltar, I Francis Martinez promised Mr. J. Jaques before passing away that i would try my best to get the hobby/sport back up and flying in Gibraltar.
After a few years being all quiet and getting the adage again to fly back in Gibraltar and having in my mind the promise i maid to my friend, Richard Martinez and myself started again the campaign to try and get this great hobby/sport of ours going in Gibraltar once again.

“so here we go again”

We decided to start with a new fresh start a new name and this time we where going to create an Association so the Gibraltar Model Flying Association was born.
Hence in 2004 various attempts were made to start flying in Gibraltar again, this has been an ongoing thing since then, with various meetings held with three different Ministers of Sport but with no avail.
In 2015 the GMFA having maintained their British Model Flying Association Insurance and membership up to date for all of this years, decided to contact the BMFA CEO Mr Dave Phipps and asked for their help as being are part of the BMFA we hoped that they would come to our aid. So the BMFA CEO in return told BMFA Club Support officer Mr Andy Symons to help us out in our situation. From that day on Mr Andy Symons has been supporting and helping us out and still is sticking right beside us all the way which we have to be very thankful.
In order to further strengthen our position we the GMFA become affiliate to the BMFA.
From that date to present Francis L Martinez and Richard Martinez have been hard at work to try and secure a venue for all to enjoy in Gibraltar. By registering the GMFA with the Gibraltar Sport & Leaser Association we are now a recognized association in Gibraltar.
Along the way the following persons joined the committee, Mr Charles Fa, Mr Darrell King and Mr Bruce Adnett, obviously we’ve had our ups and down and our differences of opinion of-cause, I have to add to all of this that we have all been in quite a lot of presser in getting to where we are at present, some of us decided to leave the team and some of us are still here.
The present committee is proud to announce that thanks to Wg Cdr Liz Hutchison, GIB-RAF-STNCDR, and with the support of the BMFA we managed to secure a venue, which is at the RAF Gibraltar Runway.
We now have the ability to train qualify & certify our members in both disciplines Fix Wing & Rotor Wing, something that was not possible before in Gibraltar this is something that we are very proud of. So with your help and enthusiasm we can now grow as a hobby/sports to be able to represent our country Gibraltar at International and world wide events in the near future. In other words, once certified by our Examiners you will have a worldwide recognized R C Modelling Certification that will allow you to participate in any event.
A meeting was called to show the general public and to those who where interested in our hobby/sports at the Varyl Begg Social Tenant Club, which they have kindly helped us with the ability to use their facilities as our social venue which in this moment in time is something we do not have, at our first A G M the present care-taking committee decided to stand down and offered the opportunity for others to vote and create a new committee, the people at the A G M decided keep the same team as the committee, we would like to thank all of you for believing in our hard work and granting us the opportunity to stay and continue working for the Association.

We proud to announce that we are now officially registered as an Association in Gibraltar.

The Gibraltar Sports & Leisure Authority, has registered us in Gibraltar as a Leisure Entity, we are also working hard to make the GMFA as the governing body in Gibraltar, we would like to thank you all involved in the local sports and leisure authority department for making this possible.

Finally our aim is to promote our Sport Hobby and Leisure to be carried out in a safe environment manner so you can enjoy it to the fullest.

The Gibraltar Model Flying Association would like to welcome you into this great world of Radio Control Model Flying, please feel free to contact us through our “Contact Us” as we are here to help you out as much as possible.