Joining and Cost’s

Welcome to the Gibraltar Model Flying Association, first of all we would like to thank you for your interest in our hobby/sport and taking the time and effort in regards becoming a member of our association.

We currently have a membership application intake with a starting and an ending date, the starting application intake date starts from the 1st March the ending date is 1st September of every year, reason for us having to have a starting and an ending date for our intakes is due to the time it takes in getting your Vetting processed and your Air Safety Awareness Course, this normally takes well over a month & half.

Vetting Proses

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 GMFA Membership

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Adult Joining subscription payment is £160 minus the £40 from the initial deposit of the Vetting.


Our minimum age allowed to become a flying member is 14 years old to 17 years old.

Junior Joining subscription payment is £80.

Social Members

Joining as a Social Member is £40.

Social members do not require the BMFA Insurance as they will not be flying.

Annual Membership Renewal


The annual renewal subscription date of our membership starts from the 1st June to 31st May of the following year.

Adult’s annually subscription renewal of the Membership is £120 (Subject to vary).

Junior’s annually subscription renewal of the Membership is £60 (Subject to vary).

Social annually subscription renewal of the Membership is £20 (Subject to vary).


To fly any Radio Control Models Aircraft in Gibraltar a third party Insurance is required by law, so we have a Radio Control Modelling Insurance which is the British Model Flying Association.

In order to increase the value and liability of our insurance we are affiliates to the BMFA, this will also cover our Vehicles to be on Airside as we are on an Active Runway.

The British Model Flying Association is the only accepted Insurance as this is the current agreement with the R.A.F.

BMFA Insurance annually renewal cost for adult’s is £33. (Subject to vary)

BMFA Insurance annually renewal cost for Junior is £17. (Subject to vary)

Annual renewal starts from the 1st December to 30th November of the following year.

Further information regarding the insurance can be found here at the BMFA Website.

Extra Vest

Any member wishing to acquire any extra Day Glo Vest can do so, this can be squired from the GMFA with the GMFA printed logo at a cost £10, In the event that the member no longer requires the Vest or wish to leave the association, you must hand in the vast as this is the sol property of the GMFA and in doing so you will refund.

The GMFA will be paying the BMFA Insurance on your behalf, so we require from all our members to make the payment of the insurance to the GMFA when Joining, so we can guarantee that the flying members is covered by the insurance, (BMFA) this will allow you to fly whilst the insurance and documents arrive from the U K. a receipt copy of your payment will be provided to confirm your insurance liability.

The rest of the documentation can be downloaded from our website under the downloads page, like the GMFA Constitution, both our Training programs, for fixed wing and helicopter plus the BMFA 2017 online hand book.



Click on this link to fill in our Application Form. = Application Form

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The Gibraltar Model Flying Association is a non profit making entity