Package & Prices

Hiring of the Trainer

The hiring of the GMFA Trainer cost £50

The GMFA will proved you with the Fuel (Glow Fuel) 5Lts container which cost £25

Glow Fuel Pump and Tubing

Nicad Glow stick

RC Fixed-wing Aircraft, and all the necessary equipment Buddy Box and the facilities is Free



You’re training all the way to your flight certification (S Certified for solo flying)

All your theory which involves teaching you safety and the operation of your flight equipment including the model.

We will also be doing Seminars regarding pre flights and post flights checks guided by the BMFA code of operations


The Trainee/Pilot will be in full control of his/her fuel, it’s up to you to take it and bring it to the flying site for the days flying, this way the fuel that you’ve consumed is your own.

Time & Limitations

There is no time or limitations to the use of the model as normally you will be flying for approximately 10 minutes per flight and the only limit is when you finish consuming the 5lts of fuel.

Usage of the model

You will be able to fly approximately 16 flight with a 5Lts Bottle, which by this time you will have quite a high ability of flying, at this point the instructor will give you the option to continue using the GMFA Trainer or you can buy or use your own model.

 In the case you do not have a model at this point you can re hire our trainer for an extra £50.