R/C Flight School

All candidate introduced to our training program will be doing their initial training with our RC Fixed Wing Model and all the relevant equipment Buddy Box and facilities provided.

For those of you how have already bought a model there is no need to worry, as they will be using their model once the instructor feels that the candidate is ready to be disconnected from the buddy lead, this way you will be able to learn how to fly our model.

For those of you how does not have a model and will be buying a model in a later date, once you buy your model and the model is certified to fly you will be taught to get yourself  acquainted with your model.

Once you have reached the point of your certification for your Solo flying, the candidate/pilot will be performing their test with your model.

The GMFA R/C Flight School is the a first in Gibraltar a source for accelerated professional R/C modelling flight instruction. Our systematic courses provide both new and experienced pilots the opportunity to learn to fly better and develop superior habits that enable pilots to more fully enjoy the sport year after year.

The principle emphasis of the training is hands-on flight experience at the side of the most experienced R/C flight instructor,Utilizing the GMFA building-block training system, pilots are taught to proactively control their model instead of reacting to it, resulting in a 98% solo success rate and 100% of aerobatic students achieving in only weeks what traditionally takes years.

Consider all our benefits, and then choose with confidence  our R/C Flight School for all your training needs:

Learn good habits with our R/C Flight School
and start enjoying our hobby/sport to the fullest!

Solo Course Details:

Courses run all year through weather permitting. Each class runs on Saturday. Class sizes are held to 3-4 people so each person receives plenty of personal attention and instruction.

You’ll find that training with other similarly motivated students provides additional feedback and experience that you will use to benefit your own practice, while eliminating the “rookie” or subordinate feeling felt in a club of experienced flyers or when dependent upon recreational club instructors and their schedules.

We train using the “buddy” system. The student controls the airplane with a transmitter connected by a cord to the instructor’s transmitter. The instructor can instantly take back control (but only when absolutely necessary) so that you can focus on learning with less anxiety until your skills have increased. You’ll also have much more time to think through and recover from your own mistakes, thus learn from them and build confidence in your control skills to return home with.

You’ll be flying a small model designed by the instructor. This is significant because you will be able to see better how the model responds to correct and incorrect control inputs, and therefore learn proper control more quickly. Larger planes are also more stable in windy conditions, so we are able to more effectively train you in the winds you’re sure to experience flying. therefore instilling in you the confidence to fly in wind when you get back home.

The principle effect of wind is that it tends to exaggerate the poor flying techniques that people can otherwise get away with in calmer conditions—thus emphasizing the importance of proper training.

We have in our BMFA Downloads page with all the necessary documents ready for you, Like the BMFA Hand Book, and the BMFA A Flying Start and The BMFA The RC Achievement Scheme.

We also have in our GMFA Downloads page all the necessary documents also ready for you, Like the GMFA Training Manual and the GMFA Candidate ‘S’ Test Fixed Wing and the Test Mandatory Questionnaire.

Be aware in order to fly Solo in our flying site, you must be BMFA Insured,GMFA Member and successfully pasted the ‘S’ Certified.

How to become Certified

  • Must be well acquainted with the BMFA Hand Book
  • Must be well acquainted with the GMFA Rules regulations & guidelines
  • A minimum flying time of 3 Hours at our flying site
  • Read and learn all about the Mandatory GMFA & BMFA questionnaire
  • Model Aircraft Fight Certification
  • Carry out the GMFA flying requirements (‘S’ Test)


You can apply for your ‘S’ Certificate Test through our online application form.

Click here to fill in our application form