The Vetting Forms are normally handled by our Health & Safety Officer.

Vetting procedures;

  • Once we receive your application form we will get in contact with you.
  • Applicant will be called by the Health and Safety Officer to fill in all the relevant documents.
  • The applicant is required to bring £50 deposit. (Non Refundable)
  • A photocopy of both sides of your ID Card is required.
  • If the applicant is successful they will be called in again by the Health & Safety Officer to meet up and arrange a date and time to attend the MOD Pass Office to have your photo taken to obtain MOD Social Pass.
  • Successful applicant will also have to attend a seminar with the RAF Safety Officer, the seminar is an Air Safety Awareness cores.
  • After having completed your Air Safety Awareness this will grant you the right to access our facilities/Pit Area.

On completion you will also have to fill in the GMFA Membership form to become a Member with a joining fee £160, minus the £40 from the initial deposit.

In the unfortunately event of any unsuccessful applicant, you will not be able to become a member of the GMFA as this is a requirement by the RAF.

Click on this link to fill in the Application Form. = ‘Application Form